Recovery Gaming

So my comeback to WoW didn’t pan out, what did I move on to while I was basically tied to a recliner and only had one arm? Anything I could play with a controller, that’s what! The following games helped me keep my ass in the chair, and out of trouble while my shoulder healed.

First, I tried a stealth game, A Plague Tale Innocence, and it was HARD, but the story was engaging as heck so I kept going. The atmosphere was gorgeous, yet terrifying, the playstyle was a new thing for me but I pushed through it. In fact I was so happy with it, I played the sequel.

The sequel was even better than the original. It had some very nice quality of life changes that made like easier for me. The accessibility options allowed me to just relax and enjoy the game rather than tense up and aggravate my very sore post-op shoulder.

The coziest of cozy game, Disney Dreamlight Valley quickly became a favorite past time before surgery, but I bounced off of gaming all together for a time and it sat unplayed. But being controller friendly at a time I couldn’t use a mouse it quickly became a time killer for me. Its low stress, Animal Crossing meets Disney style really just tickled my fancy for a while.

This one! Roots of Pacha took a lot of my time. Imagine Stardew Valley, but in prehistoric times with prehistoric animals! Or as close as one can get I suppose. It’s at least as charming as Stardew was, I played through it once, and plan to do so again at some point.

Finally, Harvestella! This is the one I probably spent the most time with. It got some mixed reviews but I enjoyed it. It, to me, was a nice combination of farming sim and JRPG. The story was engaging, the characters were varied and interesting, and it was more challenging than I expected. Definitely worth playing, but maybe wait for a Steam sale, $60 was a pretty steep cost but I was desperate.


Once upon a time, ten plus years ago, there was a newbie blogger. She blogged mainly about life, army life in particular. She started on a website called Free Open Diary, then moved to Diary Place, then to her own domains and hosting which changed several times, then to Live Journal. Each time taking her archives with her and continuing her story.

Then she discovered World of Warcraft. She became Lady Jess and crafted her self hosted Word Press blog, which she maintained for many many years. Noone knows what happened, even she doesn't know, but the posts just stopped. She discovered a miriad of other video games, fell in love with Bioware RPG's,  became a full out gamer, but still no posts.  She spent a lot of time on her Tumblr, but even that fell off. 

But the blogging bug bit again, bringing with it a new domain name, new hosting, and a new look. Only this time she didn't carry her archives with her. This time she called a Mulligan and just started over, as Calamity Jess.