My House…is a Very, Very, Very, Fine House

Today is a screenshot day! I’ve been meaning to post these somewhere, and now that I’ve shaken the dust off of this blog, it seems appropriate. I’ve had a house in FFXIV for quite a while now. It’s a nice medium plot in Mist, and I’ve recently redecorated. Except for my basement because I can’t make myself do it. Having joined The Maelstrom, I blew a bunch of their currency to build, what I like to call…

The Storm Cellar! (Pun absolutely intended)

The Galley, right side. Where the cooking is done.
The Galley, left side for storage of the ale, breads, herbs etc.
View from the stairs of the galley entrance.
Ale on top and a nice cozy fire great for a rousing game of Triple Triad. There’s even a bunk in the corner. Don’t drink and drive.
Last but not least, the Storm Captain’s alcove and war table.

It’s one of my favorite rooms, and the only one I haven’t changed since I put it together. I have been considering making it a greenhouse since renovating to a more flower garden theme in other areas. But…for right now, it remains. Until Sea Swallows All.