Ensuing Chaos

Man, have I been slacking on Blaugust! I was doing pretty well that first week. Week 2 devolved into well, chaos. Summer was quickly ending, and we have a camper that needed to be brought out of storage, cleaned, checked, unwinterized, rewinterized, and put back in storage for another long, cold, Alaskan winter. So we took a 4 day weekend to get all of that done. Successfully, I might add.

Then, the new parts for my desktop PC came. A shiny new GeForce RTX 4060 OC GPU to replace my original 1070, two 4TB SSDs to expand my storage and speed, and two new 8GB RAM sticks. Everything installed well and ran well for….about a day. Then in the middle of a battle in Baldur’s Gate 3, it turned off. I got it booted back up, tried again, same result. Booted once more, did not turn BG3 back on, and blue screens became a plague upon my house. I open it up, check all of my connections, restart and…BSOD. It was at this point I started feeling some serious rage.

I removed the new RAM, put the old RAM back in its original slots and tried once more. Windows went into repair mode, and so far so good. It was during all of this I realized my CPU fan wasn’t spinning.  It tried, so I hit it with some compressed air, but the fan is dead. /sad trombone.

So, today the new one arrives, I have never installed one so it should be interesting. My parts knowledge is limited to GPU, RAM, and now SSD. Wednesday, two more RAM sticks to match the first two new ones arrive so all four RAM sticks will be identical. That’s when I’ll install the fan, and then do a complete wipe and reinstallation of Windows. Get a fresh start and Hopefully, get back on track.

The good news is, my photography monitor had an extended warranty I forgot about, so it’s off to see why it looks like someone dumped coffee in the lower half of the screen, and get replaced.

It was a WEEK. Let me tell you.

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